Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cautionary Tale : a story told to warn its hearer

Rabbits were first introduced to Australia by the First Fleet in 1788, but the current infestation appears to have originated with the release of 24 wild rabbits by Thomas Austin on his property, Barwon Park (near Winchelsea, Victoria), in October 1859 for hunting purposes. While living in England, Austin had been an avid hunter, regularly dedicating his weekends to rabbit shooting. Upon arriving in Australia, which had no native rabbit population, Austin asked his nephew in England to send him 24 grey rabbits, five hares, 72 partridges and some sparrows so that he could continue his hobby in Australia by creating a local population of the species. Many other farms released their rabbits into the wild after Austin. At the time he had stated:

"The introduction of a few rabbits could do little harm and might provide a touch of home, in addition to a spot of hunting."[1]

Rabbits are extremely prolific creatures, and spread rapidly across the southern parts of the country. Australia had ideal conditions for a rabbit population explosion. With mild winters, rabbits were able to breed the entire year. With widespread farming, areas that may have been desert, scrub, or woodlands were instead turned into vast areas with low vegetations, creating ideal habitat for rabbits. Humans were directly responsible for the initial release of the rabbits, and indirectly responsible for modifying the Australian landscape for ideal rabbit survival.

Within ten years of the 1859 introduction, the original 24 rabbits had multiplied so much that two million could be shot or trapped annually without having any noticeable effect on the population.

It was the fastest spread ever recorded of any mammal anywhere in the world. Today rabbits are entrenched in the southern and central areas of the country, with scattered populations in the northern deserts.

Effects on Australia's ecology

The effect of rabbits on the ecology of Australia has been devastating. One eighth of all mammalian species in Australia are now extinct (rabbits are the most significant known factor), and the loss of plant species is unknown even at this time.

Rabbits are also responsible for serious erosion problems as they eat native plants which leave the topsoil exposed and vulnerable to sheet, gully and wind erosion. The removal of this topsoil is devastating to the land as it takes many hundreds of years to regenerate. Some of this erosion may also be the result of settlers clearing much of Australia's land for farming (and use of unsuitable agricultural techniques) and to make room for housing.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is My Mom Evil?

>>> By Red<<<

> Her helper was at Alondra Park today trying to get the last three bunnies so tey can come home and be healthy and adopted - ...

I gotta tell you all - Mom's pretty frusterated because she's been trying to get these 3 guys since dec 26th and lately she just comes home with newly dumped bunnies.

She cant afford this much longer and fears that soon will have to call a halt to this whole rescue. Some days it's pretty discouraging and this last week one of the island bunnies actually had to cross the bridge because he was so malnourished and sick!

And today she was home sick - that's why her helper was looking for the last 3 on the island with out her.

Imagine how suprised he was when someone came with a lovely girl bunny in a bird cage of all things - TO DUMP HER ON THE ISLAND!!!

Look at what a hottie she is! Are they INSANE??? Somebody out there must want to love her.... Please contact my mom if you do.....

Of course mom's helper called my mom at home and she got in the car I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y ! But first she told her helper to give the nice people her card and be super nice to them and get their name and address ad make them wait.

(they had already dumped the bunny but he caught her thank the good lord! ) So when rescue mom drove up.....

he he ... the fun began!

She smiled the whole time while she patiently explained how many predators are on the island and about all the diseases and wounds she has taken care of, and about all the poor dead baby bunnies...

Then she asked the people what was wrong with Birdy.... The people said that they thought thier 2 old bunny wasn't cute anymore and that they believed she would be happy and she could run and play free at the park. It was a whole family thing - lets go dump Bunny together! That THEIR CHILDREN WERE THERE TOO!!!

Rescue mom said that the kids at the park run and play too - but we don't leave them alone for an instant! (Who knows... maybe those people do?!)

At this point mom took the poor bunny in the bird cage (should we call her Birdy?) and handed the cage to her helper. She said Birdy would be fine and get spayed and find a lovey home with a beautiful litterbox.

and here is the good part.....



State Penal Code Sec. 597 and County Code Sec. 10.12.160 forbid the abusing, mistreatment, torturing and subjecting any animal to needless suffering. These laws provide that no animal may be deprived of proper food, water or shelter. Violation of these laws is punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a $500 fine. Please report any case of inhumane animal treatment or neglect to your local animal control agency. Animal Abandonment: Anyone who abandons an animal is subject to a $500 fine and/or up to six months in jail. (California Penal Code Sec. 597S). _______________________________

Oh..... and did I mention she had the camera with her?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Amanda Foundation Continued

Dr. Heather is going to make your stay an enjoyable one!

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A Visit to the Amanda Foundation

Each Rabbit we rescue costs us about $75.00 in medical costs. That comes out of our very own pockets.

Fortunately for us the Amanda Foundation helps us by providing low cost spay and neuters - if we were to take each of these rabbits to a local vet we would be charged somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.00 per rabbit! ouch!

As it is - we could really use any help we can get .... your donation goes straight to the Amanda Foundation and is even tax deductable. Just tell them that it is for the Island Rabbits :O)

Yep - it's my 1994 Honda - dropping off 6 bunnies - You may also see this car with a bale of hay hanging out of the trunk - but we'll save that for another post.
oh! More Rabbits?! Bring 'em in!

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Baby Bunnies One Week Old

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A Rainy Day Rescue Story

Yes indeed - today is a day to celebrate life - what else can we do?!

This little one ran off the island one day a couple of weeks ago when I left he gate open a crack. Did she know that if she stayed on her babies die after she starved to death trying to feed them? Or that they would be eaten by rats of squirrels or hawks or owls, geese or - most horribly - other rabbits!

I couldn't catch her because she hid under the bridge to the island and it was about to start pouring rain....

A week later she was in the picnic area across from the island - locals at the park told me she had just escaped the jaws of a do who was chasing her.

Then I was all set to take her into the vet to get spayed and have a little bunny abortion - but it was the weekend and then the Doctor's day off.....

Then I went to the vet with 4 other bunnies - but forgot her! It rained and she waited happily in her hay filled cage, with the carrier just outside it -She was warm and happy, the carrier? forgotten and soaked from the rain....

The next morning - today - I swear she thumbbed her little bunny nose with that white spot at me and I heard her say....

"Look at how beautiful they are! Look what I managed to do!"


Baby bunnies inside a nest lovingly built with her own fur. They have already survived disease, starvation, predators, people's pets, and people like me - and they are less than a day old.

Maybe the best we can do for these guys is to recognize the wonder and the beauty and the love here and say a little prayer of thanks

- I know I could worry about the cost to spay and neuter these babies - and if I will be able to find them happy homes, but somehow - I believe they are survivors - like their Mommy.

If you would like to sponsor a baby - feel free to send email, make a tax free donation to the Amanda Foundation

Amanda Foundation

351 Foothill Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-2935

or just click the donate button!

Celebrate life!