Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Rainy Day Rescue Story

Yes indeed - today is a day to celebrate life - what else can we do?!

This little one ran off the island one day a couple of weeks ago when I left he gate open a crack. Did she know that if she stayed on her babies die after she starved to death trying to feed them? Or that they would be eaten by rats of squirrels or hawks or owls, geese or - most horribly - other rabbits!

I couldn't catch her because she hid under the bridge to the island and it was about to start pouring rain....

A week later she was in the picnic area across from the island - locals at the park told me she had just escaped the jaws of a do who was chasing her.

Then I was all set to take her into the vet to get spayed and have a little bunny abortion - but it was the weekend and then the Doctor's day off.....

Then I went to the vet with 4 other bunnies - but forgot her! It rained and she waited happily in her hay filled cage, with the carrier just outside it -She was warm and happy, the carrier? forgotten and soaked from the rain....

The next morning - today - I swear she thumbbed her little bunny nose with that white spot at me and I heard her say....

"Look at how beautiful they are! Look what I managed to do!"


Baby bunnies inside a nest lovingly built with her own fur. They have already survived disease, starvation, predators, people's pets, and people like me - and they are less than a day old.

Maybe the best we can do for these guys is to recognize the wonder and the beauty and the love here and say a little prayer of thanks

- I know I could worry about the cost to spay and neuter these babies - and if I will be able to find them happy homes, but somehow - I believe they are survivors - like their Mommy.

If you would like to sponsor a baby - feel free to send email, make a tax free donation to the Amanda Foundation

Amanda Foundation

351 Foothill Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-2935

or just click the donate button!

Celebrate life!

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