Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Six More! Three to go!

Eyeball Bunny's Broher..... Sister? Another 1lb 4 oz bunny fully grown

And Another little Girl - about 1 pound few oz as well

Two Shy bunnies - about 3 lbs each

Possibly one of Abe's siblings? about 4 bs

I'm calling her Ruby - on a fat day she probably weighs 3 lbs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some Fun.....

Here is why you want to adopt a bunny - because they are smart!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eyeball Bunny

This is E.B He weighs 1 pound 4 ounces - thats all you get! he's fully grown..... Maybe he weighed more when he had both his eyes - but things happen when you are stuck on an island with owls, crows and hawks. What you are seeing in the pic below is the pussie scab covering his infected left eye after something did something horrific to it cousing it to get so infected that it exploded. How this guy survived with out getting septic and going into shock and dying I have no idea. The pain must have been tremondous. The vet cleaned everything out and sewed his lid shut, he is healing now on 2 different antibiotics. He lives in my bedroom fireplace that now has hay in it and actually makes a great cage. At night he sleeps in a build-a-bear box. If he makes it ok - I hope he can be one of my teaching bunnies - After all he's been through - E.B. Should at least have a chance to tell his story.

This last pic is E.B.'s brother -?? I think.... I cnat catch him! but he is equal in size and has blue eyes just like E.B.'s remaining one. My theory on these tiny guys is that they are the only size bunniesthat fit through the hole in the fence. All the larger bunnies on the island clearly have a family resemblance, but these guys - these guys are a strange lot of miscellaneous tiny bunny breeds. It's really not suprising, a lot of people assume that all bunnies get along and that their unwanted pet will be welcoomed with open paws by an existing colony of dumped bunnies. Unfortunately, the reality is more like dumping a membe rof a street gang wearing full colors and tattoos in the center of a rival gang's territory.

I'll keep trying to catch that other guy, but so far, no luck - he's fast and smart. I sure hope that that will be enough to save him from the other predators between my trips to the Island....


ok - I have no idea how old she is.... but she sure acts like a Gramma.

This is one of the first six Rabbits that I took from the island - she has a nasty case of mites and a parasite that has damaged her nervous system - yep - it's in her brain. We all expected that she would have to be put down, but it turns out that her condition can be treated with antibiotics - if caught in time..... So for now Gramma lives in seclusion in my guest bathroom. I'll keep you posted on her progress. Oh - one other thing - she is most likely pregnant. Rabbit gestation is between 20 and 30 days depending on the breed. She is too sick right now to be spayed - so we have to wait and hope. I guess its better than having babies in the cold on an island with no food, if that happened, they would surely all starve because she would not be strong enough to feed 'em. Or they'd get eaten....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Let the fun begin!

As far as I know I am now the ONLY person in Redondo Beach doing rabbit rescue. I didn't start out to.... we are actually working on the back side of hollywood in post production... you know, special fx. I never thought I'd be thankful for the writer's strike.

I lovely older woman called me 2 days before Christmas and was panicked about 2 rabbits she had seen on the island in Alondra Park. "They have no food! and you can't get too them!"

Now I am Elmer Fudd jousting windmills! Turns out the island is unincorporated land owned by the city of Los Angeles and has been set aside as a "California Native Plant Sanctuary" It took a long while to get ahold of someone with a key to the big gates that separate it from the rest of the park.

The story I heard was that when they set it up someone "donated" a pair of pet quality, intact rabbits (awwwww......... how cute! Too bad they never heard of Australia!) Indeed, there is a little box on the island that looks just like a teeny dog house - maybe what the rabbits are supposed to shelter in?

When I got onto the Island on the 26th I found between 20 and 30 starving, inbread and sick rabbits. Currently I have 15 at my home. The Ship Foundation has graciously taken on the sickest and most wounded of them (6 rabbits) I have tried to photograph their injuries and maladies. Many of the Does are obviously pregnant - so far 3 have been spayed and the world will be minus 13 more baby bunnies because of that small effort. Unfortunately - one of the does did not make it.... I comfort myself by repeating over and over that this rescue would be so much worse if we wait till spring when it gets a little warmer and stuff starts to sprout on the island.


If I can get every vet in the Redondo Beach area to do 2 rabbits - this one time disaster will go away before spring comes and grass sprouts on the island and it warms up and they breed and share disease some more. Even if you "don't do exotics" now is your chance to work on a rabbit that the owner will thank you for helping even it dies on the table. These guys have NOBODY :O(