Monday, January 14, 2008

Let the fun begin!

As far as I know I am now the ONLY person in Redondo Beach doing rabbit rescue. I didn't start out to.... we are actually working on the back side of hollywood in post production... you know, special fx. I never thought I'd be thankful for the writer's strike.

I lovely older woman called me 2 days before Christmas and was panicked about 2 rabbits she had seen on the island in Alondra Park. "They have no food! and you can't get too them!"

Now I am Elmer Fudd jousting windmills! Turns out the island is unincorporated land owned by the city of Los Angeles and has been set aside as a "California Native Plant Sanctuary" It took a long while to get ahold of someone with a key to the big gates that separate it from the rest of the park.

The story I heard was that when they set it up someone "donated" a pair of pet quality, intact rabbits (awwwww......... how cute! Too bad they never heard of Australia!) Indeed, there is a little box on the island that looks just like a teeny dog house - maybe what the rabbits are supposed to shelter in?

When I got onto the Island on the 26th I found between 20 and 30 starving, inbread and sick rabbits. Currently I have 15 at my home. The Ship Foundation has graciously taken on the sickest and most wounded of them (6 rabbits) I have tried to photograph their injuries and maladies. Many of the Does are obviously pregnant - so far 3 have been spayed and the world will be minus 13 more baby bunnies because of that small effort. Unfortunately - one of the does did not make it.... I comfort myself by repeating over and over that this rescue would be so much worse if we wait till spring when it gets a little warmer and stuff starts to sprout on the island.


If I can get every vet in the Redondo Beach area to do 2 rabbits - this one time disaster will go away before spring comes and grass sprouts on the island and it warms up and they breed and share disease some more. Even if you "don't do exotics" now is your chance to work on a rabbit that the owner will thank you for helping even it dies on the table. These guys have NOBODY :O(


FaSHOGEE said...

OMG... you are one brave lady. i actually live near Alondra Park and when i go to El Camino College, i always go past it. i have never thought that they would be starving to death. we have a white rabbit in our neighborhood and they told me story when they were going to vacation, they thought of leaving the rabbit in Alondra Park but they decided not to and now lets the rabbit go in and out of their backyard. as a result, me and the rabbit are friends and i told them that if they ever feel like throwing the rabbit away, give it to me so i can take care of her. In addition, few months ago, a hind-leg paralyzed rabbit was abandoned in our lawn by an anonymous lady and now im taking care of him. i am very VERY proud of what you do and hopefully, you can keep up on what you do. i really REALLY wish i can adopt all of them but my parents are 100% against pets and i have literally fought with my parents to keep my disabled rabbit with me and accepting more rabbits would be a hectic life especially im still a college student. anyways, i hope you the BEST and hang on TIGHT because someday, luck will strike upon you surely for saving their precious lives. =]

Pie said...

Excellent! email me and I'll help you out with some hay and bunny food!Thanks for the lovely note =:0-)