Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Momma Gets Spayed

I love this bunny - this is Big Momma. She s he largest rabbit rescued from Alondra Park. I weighed her yesterday and she is 10 lbs of L-O-V-E !!! My friend Heather the Vet Tech took these pics as she got spayed by Dr. Stein at Dr. Shipps Animal Hospital in Beverly Hills
Thanks to the Amanda Foundation.

I have a huge bill there since spaying and neutering each rabbit costs me $50 bucks. Then all the wound care, antibiotics, anti mite, anti parasite stuff gets added on top of that. Whew! I figure the total bill for cleaning up this one Island in the middle of this one park is gonnatop out at just about 5 Thousand bucks.

Feel free to follow this link and donate to the Amada Foundation in honor of the bunnies of Alondra park. It'll help me a lot!

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