Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mr. Holstein's Last Gift

2nd.... a sad and happy bunny story. I had a bun friend Mr. Holstein - he was dutch mini and looked like a cow. The ideal polite house bunny and couch friend he was a rescue, and had a little sneeze thing he did. He went to the bvet who couldn't find a thing wrong - so he went to his new family where he was L-O-V-E-D!!!!!

Unfortunately he passed away in the night a month later - turns out the sneeze was congestive heart failure - Mr. H was an older bunny.

His people were broken hearted - it was the first time they ever had to deal w/death.

So Mom helped and taught them about how beautiful it was that they made his last time here so happy and that he didn't die alone. They b urried him in a lovely spot between 2 bird of paradise plants and had a beautiful ceremony where everyone said some words and thanked him for his love.

sigh ..... it was sad....

But it turns out that Mr. H. was giving his family an excellent gift....

I got a call from his mom asking if I could bunny s it because they have to go on a trip..... thier Gramma has been diagnosed w/ terminal cancer.

The kids are dealing with it well - because Mr. H taught them how.

Imagine that.

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