Friday, March 14, 2008

From Red the Fuzzy Teaching Rabbit's blog

ARGH!!! EVIL NEIGHBORS - Rabbts need homes ASAP!

My evil neighbors have been sending email to the animal control office here in Redondo Beach, CA and now the word has finally come down that all the rabbits need to be gone in 2 weeks time!

All the other neighbors are getting a petition together and the newspapers are being called etc - but the law is what it is and I am being told it must be enforced.

SO - there are 17 bunnies here that desperately need foster homes!

HELP! Anyone in the Los Angeles area? Otherwise these bunnies will go o the Carson Shelter which is a HIGH KILL shelter for rabbits!

Please - spread the word and visit my blog for more info -



We are so soryy to hear about your dillema and are way too far away in Ohio to help!

What's wrong with those neighbors of yours. What awful people! After all those buns have been through and all your hard work and generosity. We believe in Karma and the old "what goes around, comes around". These kind of people are the reason why we need rescue organizations and shelter. No love or compassionat all.

So Sorry!

Bunnito & Daisy

Feb 29, 2008 0:44:18 AM
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I've sent an email to all my family in Orange County. Hopefully one of them can help, or knows of someone.

I'll let you know if I get any positive responses.

Foot in mouth

Mar 5, 2008 8:01:32 PM
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Why don't you post a short call for help in our Bunspace Blog section too? Maybe there are buns blogging that don't watch the forum threads and/or don't realise you need help?


Mar 6, 2008 4:58:51 AM
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I cross posted this on another rabbit site, and also wondered if you had contacted the Bunny Bunch? They may be able to help.

Society for the Proper Care of Rabbits
A No Kill Non Profit Rabbit Rescue Organization
909-591-7200 PO Box 2583 Chino, CA 91708

Tender Juicy Floppy Leg
Mar 6, 2008 8:05:06 AM
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Is there a limit to how many rabbits you can have?


Mar 6, 2008 1:32:17 PM
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There is apparently a 3 pet limit in redondo beach - TOTAL. sigh - of course no one ever enforces it. Right now I (Red's Mom) am in Costa Rica for my Brother's wedding and will be home Saturday. Meanwhile , my neighbors are getting a petition together and I have a made an appointment to get with these people's pastor. He has agreed to call a meeting between myself and them to discuss their behavior. Thursday After I get back is my 2 week deadline so that leaves me no time at all really....

I promise to get w/ all of you ASAP - Meanwhile my assistant is at my house taking care of everyone. I promise an update Saturday Afternoon as soon as I am home. Meanwhile any scheming and plotting you all can do in my place is much appreciated!

Love to all!


Mar 6, 2008 2:15:50 PM
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There is a court case going on here in NJ that was brought against a foster home for being over the limit. It is the Town of Brooklawn, NJ vs. Forever Friends. My mommie will find the info. Post it.
Mar 6, 2008 5:26:14 PM
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Here is the site with more info. Good luck.

Mar 6, 2008 5:34:12 PM
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I think it would be a good idea for you to see an attorney; even if you can only afford 2-3 hours of an attorney's time, it is enough time to get advice on your legal standing and how your rescue activities may affect the notion that the rabbits you have rescued are your pets. They may also be able to file some legal paperwork to delay animal control to allow you more time to find homes and foster homes for these rabbits. Attorneys are required by their respective Bar Associations to do a certain amount of pro bono work. Since this situation has to do with animal rescue and welfare, an attorney may take on your case at no charge.


My mommy is sad. Your buns look so happy! Mommy will repost your info. Any chance some of your neighbors could take any of the buns?
Mar 6, 2008 8:26:31 PM
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I don't think that her neighbors would help her out and take in any of the bunnies seeing as they're the ones that reported her to animal control for having too many pets.


Mar 6, 2008 9:59:39 PM
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Only one neighbor has a problem with the buns.
Mar 6, 2008 10:28:00 PM
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The rest of the neighbors are trying to help. "All the other neighbors are getting a petitio together and the newspapers are being called etc - but the law is what it is and I am being told it must be enforce?"
Mar 6, 2008 10:29:11 PM
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I must have understood that part wrong. I thought the neighbors were getting a petition together to get rid of the rabbits, not stop the process.


Mar 6, 2008 11:55:30 PM
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only the neighbors RIGHT NEXT DOOR are evil..... the other side is an empty house, behind me is actually helping w/ taking care of all the rescue buns and the rest of the neighbors are getting a petition together.

The latest update is that I have talked to their pastor an dam supposed to have a meeting w/ the pastor and the evil neighbors. With luck the PAstor will get the curch behind me - how cool would that be.

Back at the park - the 2nd in command of all the parks in L.A. has his Public Releations folks on it.

I will be in the schools doing bunny education starting Monday - Life is BUSY HERE!

Anybody feel like hurling a prayer up for me? I'll take it!

Mar 8, 2008 9:29:47 PM
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Red, Mommy and me and my RBB brother and sister, Max and Adrienne, are all praying special prayers for you!! We love you and we love what your mommy is doing to help buns! Kiss
Mar 9, 2008 6:31:39 PM
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I'm confused, if the mean neighbors recant and say it's ok for you to keep many rabbits, how does that affect animal control's deadline?

Now that they know about you, aren't they required to go after you?

And as a loophole, you could just move the buns to the neighbor behind you for the inspection day. All you are required to do is get them off your property - no one said anything about the other properties.


(I also thought it was all your neighbors, not just one. So great that the rest of your neighbors are on your side! Very cool.)

Mar 10, 2008 0:54:01 AM
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yeah i would hide the bunnies for a while and then bring them back. the law somethimes does not always make sence. but the thing with hiding and bringing back is that the owner can report ya again and ya can get in serious trouble

domino and sybil
Mar 10, 2008 9:56:23 AM
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What harm could these buns possibly be causing?? Why can't people mind their own business and leave others alone. Buns are so sweet and quiet. This is so upsetting! We live so far away. I wish we could help out with this!!!!!

Perhaps the combination strategy is to move the buns on inspection day and bring them back afterwards. AND hope that the pastor facillitated mediation with the evil neighbors goes well so they can agree to stop reporting you. I suspect that is already your strategy but I thought I throw it out there. Also, is it possible for you to get a permit to keep more than the number of buns the local ordinances allow. It would seem that this might be the right time to go after one while you've got active community support.

Hope all is well there and good luck with the new round of education sessions.

Binkies; Bunnito & Daisy

welllllllllllll........ today just sucked...... somedays are like that..... Mom is SICK!!! planes will do that to you. But back from costa Rica andn back at it.

Did I mention that I am shedding? it's been hot! I had my ears wet down today and then decided to be wet all over! it was nice Smile I need brushing before Wednesday - I have a date with a class full of kids!

Mom AND Dad tried one last chat with the neighbors - she wants all the island bunnies killed! She thinks that they are endangering her kids!

He says they smell - but can't nail down a time when they smell and refuses to come over and talk an dfind the smell he claims exists.

So..... tomorrow the bunnies all start moving around the neighborhood - hopefully there will be enough homes for all....

the petition is going to circulate among the other neighbors at the same time and Mom is working on getting an animal control supervisor out so that the neighbors can hear it from that person's mouth that their kids will not catch diseases from bunny poops!

Does anyone have any links about rabbits not spreading disease? that would be super helpful. Also anything about rabbit urine being PH neutral etc...

Next on the agenda after that is the big PR Push. sigh.....

Could ya all just remember us in your prayers? We need prayer. Trying to rise about all of this and not paint the house pink with purple polka dots is hard work!

Love to all ~


Mar 10, 2008 11:02:17 PM
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Your neighbors are ridiculous. Spreading diseases to thier kids??!!?? absurd; preposterous; laughable. Who are these people?

I'll post a blog to help you look for information. Maybe some bunspacer knows of articles on this topic.

Bunnito & Daisy

Mar 11, 2008 8:50:29 AM
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This is the closest article that I could find on the topic...

(I kept trying to turn it into a link and it wouldn't work. Cry)

Here's an excerpt:

"This past spring media attention was drawn to an instance where a man was infected with tularemia after making direct, physical contact with rabbit blood. (He had killed a wild rabbit with a lawnmower.) Tularemia is a bacterial disease that can infect humans. It is easily treated with antibiotics. Tularemia occurs in both the U.S. and Canada. The most common cause of human infection is from direct contact with blood or flesh of wild rabbits (for example, skinning and eating wild rabbit meat). A person can also be infected by a tularemia-infected tick or mosquito, or by breathing tularemia-infected dust.

Pet and domestic rabbits do not carry tularemia and therefore cannot infect a person with this disease. They pose no risk of tularemia infection to humans or to other animals, and fears concerning pet rabbits and tularemia are unfounded.

Finally, HRS wishes to remind its readers that rabbits do not carry toxoplasmosis and do not pose a risk to the health of apregnant woman or her fetus."

"This information pertains to rabbits in North America. The situation may be different in Europe and other places, and people who have concerns should consult their physician or veterinarian."

This excerpt can be found near the end of the article. The article is about monkey pox and how bunnies are not carries of the disease.


Mar 11, 2008 11:11:04 AM
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I left a comment on your blog, but I will take liberty to say again that your neighbor is stupid and should be the one to have to move in 2 weeks. Yell
Mar 11, 2008 2:34:20 PM
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I've spent the better part of the evening doing some research on the web and here's what I came up with:

Most of my research, including searches of the USDA and CDC websites, provided very little information about diseases transmitted from domestic rabbits to humans (zoonotic disease). Most articles deal with zoonotic diseases in 3 ways: treatment, prevention and taxonomic lists. The treatment articles were primarily directed to academicians and veterinary professionals. Prevention articles were primarily directed towards breeding, production and laboratory facilities management. And the lists were just that-lists of zoonotic diseases. I have included a couple of the actual lists at the end which, when compared to lists of other pets is short.

A synopsis of what I found.

All pets are potential carriers of disease. Those that receive proper veterinary care, sound diets and clean environments pose little or no threat to human health.

Most diseases transmitted by rabbits fall into three primary categories:

1. Direct contact (most typically by consumption ) with infected feces

2. Bites or scratches that are left untreated

3. Flea and tick borne diseases

Primary cause of zoonotic disease is unsanitary conditions, poor hygiene practice by humans and poor diet.

The highest risk groups of humans for contracting zoonotic disease are those with immunosuppression caused by the inhibition of the normal immune response because of disease, the administration of drugs, or surgery.

Your strategy might be to acknowledge that all pets do carry some disease however those in your care, present no risk of infection to your neighbors because of the clean, indoor environment, superior diet and proper care. Rabbits as pets carry and transmit fewer zoonotic diseases than cats, dogs, birds, rodents or reptiles.

Unless your neighbors enter your property AND come into direct contact with your rabbits, which sounds unlikely to me, they are not at risk.

Here are the few scenarios I can think of that (fantastic as they may be)could place your neighbors at potential risk of infection:

Ø If an individual did somehow, accidentally come into contact with your rabbits AND if the rabbit was ill AND if they were to be scratched or bitten by the rabbit AND the individual did not wash the wounded area properly; THEN they might become ill.

Ø Also if your neighbors should choose to enter your home or property AND consume or otherwise ingest rabbit poop or urine AND that poop or urine was from an infected rabbit THEN they might get sick.

Ø Additionally if your neighbors were to contract fleas or ticks AND some of those fleas or ticks had infested one of your rabbits AND the insect then bit your neighbor; THEN they might get sick.

I don’t know if this has been much help but here’s a few websites I looked at : has a list of diseases that may be acquired from Rabbits but no links that explain what they are or the transmission vectors has a short article on pets (including rabbits) that can transmit disease to humans

PetDoc has a huge list of diseases caught from all types of pets. No rabbit links but it may be good for demonstrating that all pets carry some diseases and rabbits carry fewer than cats or dogs

About. com has several pages dealing with zoonotic diseases from exotic pets including rabbits.

Oregon State University Occupational Health and Safety Program flier describes handling rabbits to prevent the spread of disease. “Rabbits are generally docile animals that are easy to handle and pose minimal risks of contracting a zoonotic disease to laboratory personnel and animal care staff.”

Article: Can having a pet make my children or me sick? addresses the how’s and why’s people catch disease from pets.

Go get em RED!!!

Mar 11, 2008 7:30:35 PM
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Wow, Bunnito - that was incredibly comprehensive!

Red, you could have someone from the CDC contact your ignorant neighbors and explain that domestic rabbits are LOW on the scale of animals that transmit diseases to humans.

I can add, as a general note, that it is EXTREMELY RARE for disease to cross species. Rabbit to dog, rabbit to human, human to parakeet, etc.

This is why the recent "Bird Flu" AKA SARS is so scary and such extreme measures are taken to contain outbreaks. Or remember the "Hanta Virus" from the southwest? Again, VERY rare cases.

As Bunnito said, cross-species contamination occurs usually through:
consumption of a sick animal (think "mad cow disease")
consumption or inhalation of fecal matter (Hanta Virus - mice, Bubonic Plague - rats)
open wound transferrence - a bite, or poking a wound with your cut finger (dumb)

Human airborne communicable diseases: (perhaps your neighbors will want to move to a large people-free space):
Anthrax (inhalational)

Most diseases caught by humans are spread by humans. And most of the others are easily preventable.

So long as your neighbor keeps his kids out of your yard, and they don't eat handfulls of manky bunny poop, they'll be fine.

+++ Side note,
Chance of dying from SARS in the United States: 1 in 100,000,000
Chance of contracting the human version of mad cow disease: 1 in 40,000,000
Odds of drowning in a bathtub: 1 in 685,000

Do your neighbors have a bathtub? Ahhhhhhhh!

Mar 12, 2008 4:07:47 AM
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UGH!!! your neighbors are EVIL! and have no LIFE! they have no SOUL! i feel sooo useless, living really close to Alondra Park. if they don't like the rabbits, why would they friken go to Alondra Park and complain about it!? i really wish i could help you but my parents are soooo anti animal and i had to literally argue with my parents to keep roger... =/

i really hope good luck to you!

Best Wishes

FaSHOGEE (Roger's Caregiver)

Mar 12, 2008 11:05:18 PM
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It's Thursday.

I talked w/ my friend the code enforcement person for Redondo Beach - and she shares an office w/ the animal control folks.

Evil neighbors have won. I am so sick! literally! I have the thing that is going around and haven't had time to sit on the couch and get better - am coughing up green stuff....

Last night we parceled all the rabbits out to neighbors and the code enforcement gal is coming this afternoon.

Did I mention that in moving the buns an intact male escaped his cage, got all excited about a recently spayed female and was running around her carrier in a frenzy - I tripped trying to move her and stepped on him. Yup. dead. Rushed him to the vet to discover that he had massive internal injury and was put down so he wouldn't suffer.

Now there is one less smelly disease ridden bunny for the neighbors to worry about.

I still havent unpacked from costa rica....

and tomorrow I am supposed to go to a preschool class - if I have a voice....

I'm kinda sad right now.

Just a little.... Cry

Mar 13, 2008 9:22:25 AM
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Ok - Code Enforcement gal just left - she suggested that on the web page for the city of Redondo Beach there is a form that when filled out city officials HAVE to respond to - this is the same form that Evil Neighbors have been using to attack me.

suggested that I get a meeting with the animal control supervisor and my area representative and possibly the mayor using this system.

She said that Redondo Beach has no provisions at all for extra animals in residential areas - but - the city charter is a living document that changes all the time. She says there aren't even any doggy daycare places in our city because of this.

Hmmmmm..... I wonder how Veterinarians operate....

oh...... btw... in case you all are curious - I hear our mayor and area rep have to respond top all web comments and questions -

here is my area representative CONTACT INFORMATION
Steven Diels
Council Member, District 4
City of Redondo Beach
415 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Telephone: (310) 318-8181
FAX: (310) 379-9268

and the Mayor

Mayor Mike Gin
City of Redondo Beach
415 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Telephone: (310) 372-1171, Ext. 2260
FAX: (310) 379-9268


wait! I just got off the phone w/ Steve Diels - We LOVE HIM!

Turns out there is a neighbor dispute negotiator Lance Whitman that will handle our neighbor problem and.....

While we're busy disputing - I think animal control will lay off!

whoo hoo!

I'll keep you posted!

kisses -


That is great news! I hope they are able to help you.

I still think your neighbor is nasty.

Mar 13, 2008 1:50:11 PM
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crum. double checked w/ animal control supervisor

I still need to keep my number down to 3 or be cited.

Mar 13, 2008 4:43:49 PM
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another one died during the night..... stress......

everyone else is safe for the minute. All the help and research so far has been



I believe I am about to get myself into the same battl;e as the gal in NJ and I do need a lawyer.

ANd REST! I'm still sick!

So...... Can I trouble you all again with an all buns bullitin requesting more help?

who wants to google for Los Angeles, or Redondo Beach, CA or zip code 90278 and see if they cant find a lawyer or send mail to a lawyer or send A note to paper to see if the New Jersey Lawyer has pals in California?

that would be so great!

just cc me on the mail -

that way I can go take a nap and a shower before the nightly walk around the neighborhood checking bunnys.

Kisses and love to all -


PS - i went to school again today - 3 classes! dust bunny and snowball are working hard now to get the little kid smell off me..... aren't friends just the best gift? Kiss

Mar 14, 2008 5:16:37 PM
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Mar 13, 2008 1:17:21 PM
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